A “cult blog” according to Blueprint Magazine

by Type Tasting

Herbert Wright finds a quirky and amusing collection of alternatives to the Olympic Rings in the now-cult blog by Sarah Hyndman that will continue growing until the Games commence.

Continents, flags and Carl Jung’s symbolism for humanity and continuity are in the mix of Olympics Rings, designed by Olympics founder Pierre de Coubertin in 1912. With Relish founder and graphic designer Sarah Hyndman found inspiration for her Olympic Logo a Day website from the far more mundane.

The photographs she took in July 2011 are archived on the site, which now gets contributions from all over the world and will continue until the London Olympics begin. ‘I thought this would make a quirky and lighthearted blog that celebrated the everyday, so I set it up and it just kept going,’ says Hyndman.

Most of the logos are photographic and often have an abstract quality. Food is a big theme (including my own guest contribution Sauce and Sporks, row 8 above). ‘What I’m about to eat is readily accessible,’ says Hyndman, adding, ‘You’ll also notice there are quite a few taken in pubs!’ It’s not the first time Hyndman has played out a series of designs that allude to symbols – she reinvented the letter A in programme covers she designed for the Almeida Theatre for five years.

Hyndman is wary of LOCOG, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which polices the Olympics branding, but she stresses that the site is personal, not-for-profit, and fun.

Hyndman’s favourites include contributions from kids at Barnes Primary School, London (a number of images above and on contents), boxing gloves (row 2) and prawns (row 3). ‘2012 is becoming a two-tier celebration,’ Hyndman muses, happy to be in the unofficial tier, along with those ‘finding inventive ways to promote and celebrate their ideas’.