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Arts, Get Set, Go

Each year at Barnes Primary School the children take part in an Arts Week during which each class carry out a number of different art projects. This year’s Arts Week had an Olympic theme.

For 2012 one of the Year 3 classes based all their work on the Olympic rings and I’m delighted to be including their images in the Olympic Logo a Day project. Not only have they come up with inventive ideas, they’ve also given them creative titles that link to the activity and values of the Games.

Class 3O – a class of Olympians

Cameron A – 5 Olympics Strings
Jaikalin – Colourful Cups of Gold
Alex – Barnes Balls
Safia – Tick Tock
Louis D – Catch the catchy Olympics
Maia – Olympic Beads
Poppy D – Hoops Galore
Joseph – Courageous Corks
Agnes E – Flipping Clips
Charlotte – Olympic Countdown
Thomas – Discus
Elliot – Take the Lead
Jude – Bowling Balls
Eloise H – Rolliong Rings
Parisa – Rackets Wack it
Molly – Ping Pong Fabric
Tom – Sporty Balls
Sassy – Don’t Stop Watching
Ben – Mega Magnets
Vera-Vanessa – Torch Light Candle
Oliver – Hit those balls
Louis S – Stringy Strings
Kian – Boxing Bottles
Annabel – Crashing Tins
Edward – Colourful Cards
Oscar – Bat the Ball
Daisy – Global Olympics
Adam – Sweaty Spellings
Alana – Silver Balls
Joel – Charge em up
Bricks by Mr O’Donnell
Buttons by Mr O’Donnell
Dice by Mr O’Donnell
Lids by Mr O’Donnell
Paint by Mr O’Donnell

Rings, Strings and Sporty things

The children’s project involved creating alternative Olympic rings. During the preparation for the project Mr O’Donnell had discovered a website set up by Sarah Hyndman who was also creating her own alternative Olympic logos. A few emails later and Sarah was happy to get involved in our project. After studying some of her ideas for inspiration the children videoed themselves asking her questions. These were then email to Sarah and she very kindly videoed her replies and posted them on YouTube! Her answers, relating to the creative process and where she gets her inspiration from, motivated and inspired the children – as did her promise to post some of their work on her website. They then looked closely at their immediate environment and were inspired by the objects found around the school. Each child selected 5 objects which they arranged to recreate the Olympic rings. These were then photographed, printed and placed in frames. The outcomes are original, varied and incredibly creative.

This fantastically fun week also included a chance to get messy! The children again recreated the rings but this time using paint. The class had a wide range of implements at the disposal – ranging from corks to string – and used these to print in the shape of the rings. In case there wasn’t enough paint on the carpet by this stage, Mr O’Donnell thought it would be a good idea to blindfold the whole class in order for them to experience what it must be like to be partially sighted. This link to the Paralympics was great fun but very messy – in fact the classroom carpet still bears the scars!

By Mr O’Donnell and class 3O.

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how excited the children have been to see their work on your site. We have a huge interactive whiteboard in the classroom so each morning I have the logo for that day displayed when the children arrive. It is lovely to see the faces when it’s their day!”

“That is simply inspiring! And good on the teacher for recognising such a great arts project for the pupils.” AJ

“Wow..well done Barnes Primary School” BG

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Please note this is a personal, not-for-profit art project. The images cannot be sold, used for promoting anything or for commercial gain.